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Social Networking Strategy
Social Networking Strategy
From LinkedIn to Facebook, there's a social network for every individual.What more and more businesses are discovering, however, is that these sites can also be valuable tools for generating business. In fact, in the age of digital conversation, many are finding that these sites are a necessary augmentation to traditional advertising. Fortunately for cost-conscious businesses, most of these networks are free. Yet a social media presence can still be costly if you then spend hundreds of man hours struggling to make a meaningful connection with the outside world.We can help, however, by formulating a value-based social media strategy that will help your business extract the maximum benefit from the most appropriate networks. With our bespoke strategy you can ensure that you and your staff are joining the right conversations at the right time, and thus establish yourselves as the accessible experts in your field.As part of our consultation, we will help you answer vital questions such as:- What sites do you need?- What sites can you feasibly manage?- What opinion leaders do you need to target?We will then give you a strategy for establishing credibility on each site, as well as how to make your business's ethos and spirit shine through in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly, we'll help you to ensure that all your activities drive traffic back to your website.If you want to complete the package, we can set up your social media accounts to give you the best possible start in your online life.
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